January 27, 2017

Kristin + Josh Engaged!

         Kristin and Josh celebrated their engagement with a bottle of wine at Morven Park in Leesburg, Va. These two were inseparable! They held hands while walking, and snuck a few kisses here and there! It was a chilly afternoon but Josh made sure that Kristin was warm enough- he even blew her hands to keep her warm during their engagement which was really cute. I’m glad that moment was captured! You know what they say, if there was no picture, it didn’t happen! [smile]

         After roaming around Morven Park, Kristin and Josh decided to sit down and just relax. They pulled their picnic blanket out, laid it on the cold grass and then it was time to take out their red wine.

         Josh was an expert opening the wine bottle. In a few seconds, voila! the wine was opened and poured on two wine glasses. Kristin and Josh clinked their glasses and then sipped a little. After a few more sips, next thing you know, it was almost night time. Kristin and Josh watched the moon rose up while snuggling. Before it went dark, Kristin and Josh sealed their engagement celebration with a lovely kiss.


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