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December 2, 2017 was my last blog. I know, I know… it’s been more than a year. But hey! it’s for many great reasons! New baby arrived, became an in-house-photog at Raspberry Plain Manor, wedding bookings got doubled, more partnerships, added a few celebrity clients on the list and ended up at Fox 5 DC […]

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JOFFOTO is back on the blog!!!

         As my wedding season ended, I got the chance to scroll through my wedding galleries and I can’t help but notice that I have plenty of behind the scene photos in action c/o my second photographers. Until now, I still get the question, “Did you take that picture?” or ” That […]

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JOFFOTO Behind The Scene

         Today was a very special day! We got to see our baby boy #2 in HD 4D Live! We went to the same facility, Infant See HD in Fairfax, where we saw our baby Alex seven years ago! Yes! It’s been that long but it feels like it was just yesterday! Oh and […]

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Another mini Jof!

         Last week, we had our 20th week pregnancy checkup. Riza, Alex and I were very excited. We got to see our little baby’s features: hands, cheeks, feet, heart and so on… And guess what? We got to know the gender of our little peanut!          Ok, Alex and […]

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We’re having a….

         I will never forget the day when my wife and I said “I DO” to each other. Other than the fact that you just can’t forget your wedding anniversary, nature gives me a very beautiful reminder every year this time around: cherry blossoms that are in full bloom in front of my in-law’s […]

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         It’s always fun spending time with this little dude! It’s his #springbreak2017 so he’s been tagging along with daddy, or perhaps it’s the other way around! This morning, we went to Middleburg and picked up some copies of the latest issue of Middleburg Life! I had coffee and he had chocolate milk and […]

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A quick run at Middleburg Life with my Alex!

     Surprise!!! We are very excited to announce that we have baby #2 on the way! We.Are.Pregnant!!! We just passed our first trimester and my wife, Riza, is now showing, so the secret is out!          For the past 3 years, our friends and family have been asking us when we […]

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We are pregnant!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!          First of all, I just want to take this moment to say thank you for stopping by my page and for joining me in my photography journey! There are so many things that I am thankful for, I have narrowed them down to the most important ones! I am thankful for […]

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the timeless monuments! Anywhere you go, there is plenty of beautiful surroundings for photo opportunities! the restaurants in China Town! There are so many choices of international food and they are legit! the cherry blossoms season! Who wouldn’t want to see the Jefferson memorial surrounding by light pink and white Sakuras? the free entrance museums! […]

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5 things I like about DC!

         You are my all-in-one package: my wife, best friend, lover, soulmate and my partner in crime for literally everything! Let’s celebrate this bond and your birthday together. Happy Birthday, my love! There are countless of reasons why I love you. These are my favorites: Your smile and fashion style! Without you, […]

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A birthday letter to my wife


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