September 30, 2016

5 things I like about DC!

1️⃣ the timeless monuments! Anywhere you go, there is plenty of beautiful surroundings for photo opportunities!
2️⃣ the restaurants in China Town! There are so many choices of international food and they are legit!
3️⃣ the cherry blossoms season! Who wouldn’t want to see the Jefferson memorial surrounding by light pink and white Sakuras?
4️⃣ the free entrance museums! Hands down!
5️⃣ everything is close! You can either drive around, take the bus or take the metro! The museums and memorials are just close by! Just a hint though, if you want to see more and take photos in a short period of time, I recommend that you start in the Lincoln memorial! In front of it you’ll see the reflecting pool, World War II memorial, the Washington monument and the Capitol! BABAM!

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