May 6, 2017

Cherry Blossoms Engagement in Washington DC

         After 4 years of dating, Rodney proposed to My right before Christmas of 2016 at the National Harbor in DC under a giant Christmas tree! My’s inner joke, how romantic! yet she said yes and that’s what matter the most!

         My and Rodney are opposite! My is an introvert, who likes quiet times and loves to simply hang out with Rodey and their 2 cute dogs! She loves to dress up thus shows in her outfit choice for her engagement! Stunning! Rodney on the other hand is an extrovert. “He’s fun-loving and goofy!” Just how My described him casually! My fell in love with Rodney because of his personality, to sum it all up, he completes her!

         My’s dream was to have her engagement session done in DC during the cherry blossoms season and she made it happened! It was like a fairytale that came true! They started their engagement at the Jefferson Memorial. They walked around, chatted a little and danced in front of the memorial overlooking the Washington Monument. It was breathing!

         After their quick dance, they walked around the Tidal Basin and enjoyed the cherry blossoms while their blooming! In between their chats and quick dances, they giggled and gave each other some lovely kisses. These two were inseparable and so in love! Their photos truly shows their love and affection with each other!

          My and Rodney will be getting married this September at RASPBERRY PLAIN MANOR in Leesburg, VA and they can’t wait to tie the knot and live happily ever after!

I am so honored and very excited to announce that My and Rodney’s DC cherry blossoms engagement has been featured on a prestigious blog – Inspired By This! Click the link below to see the featured post! [smile]




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