March 17, 2016


          It’s a beautiful day here in DC! Spring is just three days away and the cherry blossoms are predicted to bloom in a couple of days! When I think of Spring season, I think of pastel colors! I can’t wait already!

          During off-season, I tend to keep myself busy and get inspired a lot! I read plenty of wedding magazines and I collaborate with local wedding creatives for some styled photo shoots. Here is the link for the winter styled shoot I did this year and it was featured at Always Creating Blog!

          Anyway, I’ve always wanted to have a ring shot on a macaron. I had some free time so I gave myself a small project and made my envisioned photos come to life! Here are some of my favorite shots!

My inspiration for this shoot. The classic macaron and ring shot.

The pyramid.


My most favorite style and the most challenging! The stacking!


          To my fellow photographers, I hope this post could inspire you to challenge yourself and create something that you would be proud of. Don’t just envision it, make it happen! You have all the tools, leverage them!

Macarons: Olivia Macaron, DC



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