July 18, 2015


          Hello, it’s my pleasure to see you here. Thank you for reading my first blog! My name is Jof Panlaqui and I am married to my best friend, Riza. We currently live in Leesburg, Virginia, where we are raising our 4 y/o son, Alex (a Jurassic World fanatic who thinks he’s a baby T-Rex). I love photo shooting my clients in the outdoors; naturally lit, lots of greens and rustic locations. Shooting outdoors provides all the tools I need to be creative and give my clients the freedom to be themselves to get those magic moments. I have some of my work published in Northern Virginia Magazine and Modern Luxary Magazine in DC.

          My blog’s main purpose is to consolidate my social media postings; rather than showcasing my beautiful clients’ images through Facebook and Instagram, I’ve decided to bring them all in one page and share short stories about them. I will continue to be active with my social media pages but with less uploads. Along with clients’ photos, I am also planning to post special announcements and deals, behind the scenes, and my family pictures on this blog. I will also be sharing a lot of DC photos! Did I mention yet? If you take me to DC for a photo shoot, we will become instant best friends!

          Lastly, here is a tip for photography enthusiasts and clients alike: If you are to plan a photo session, try to book it either early mornings or late afternoons – these particular times of the day will give you the perfect ‘soft lighting’ in the photos. If you want to be more creative, you can use the soft sunlight to create some whimsical and romantic effect; it provides a soft yellow/orange tone for the photo. Just put the sunlight behind you, that’s it! Keep in mind, you may need a less powered flash or reflector if the sun is overpowering. I hope this tip will help you decide the right time of the day to plan your next photo session and get those romantic sunlight effect in your photos! See you around!



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